The Best Countries to Visit with a Pooch in Tow

Traveling can be so much fun especially when done with the rest of the family. But if you have to leave your dog behind simply because the destination you’re going to clearly doesn’t have the dog-friendly atmosphere that other countries have, scrap this from your list and start planning your next trip to any of our list of the best countries to visit with your canine friend.


The French are clearly passionate with anything and everything about life. France has consistently been ranked as the best country to go to if only to give your pet the time of its life. Whether it’s a supermarket, a shopping center, bar, or even a restaurant, you’ll never see any sign that says “No pets allowed”. Instead, they’ll be greeting your furry friend with open arms. Some public places even have their own “loo points” where you’d be given bags with which to pick up your canine’s mess. Unlike the US where there are laws or ordinances that restrict your dog’s freedom, you can let your four-legged friend run free in Francia.

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The people of Deutschland love their dogs. They’re one of very few countries that do not have no-kill shelters. Instead, they’ll pamper every animal that will seek refuge in any of their animal shelters. Each dog that ever lands in a shelter is given a daily dose of exercise, plenty of socialization with other dogs and humans, and a well-designed pet training program. Because of the Germans’ unconditional love for their hounds, it is not surprising that dogs that are destined to be euthanized in other countries are brought to Germany to have a second lease on life. Everyone deserves a new beginning.


With so much open space, Scotland is a must-see destination for dog owners who like to travel. This is a wonderful walkie location with thousands upon thousands of square miles of wilderness to explore, from high mountains and monroes to white sandy beaches and loch paths. Scotland is truly a first class holiday destination for enjoying the great outdoors. Dogs are very welcome at many hotels, B&Bs and self catering vacation accommodation from the Highlands to the Islands and through the great cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. This online guide has some fantastic dog friendly options in Scotland.


A haven for animal rights advocates, Austria is a land that is strongly against animal cruelty. Not one store will ever sell dogs or cats or any other animal. Anything that can inflict harm on dogs such as shock collars, prong collars, and even invisible fences is a big no-no. For Austrians, dogs are venerable members of the family; as such these four-legged family members are always part of the family’s daily activities. So, when you do decide to hit the streets of Vienna or even Salzburg, you can easily let your dog run loose.



Switzerland is not only famous for the Alps, fine watches, and chocolates. It’s also a favorite destination among pet parents who want to lavish their dogs with the best of what this Alpine country has to offer. Switzerland has one of the strictest guidelines when it comes to pet ownership. Unlike other countries where anyone can technically own a pet, the Swiss take pet parenthood very seriously. One needs to undergo a battery of programs and tests to determine their suitability as pet parents. Every pet parent is also required to have a pet insurance. It should really be a great destination for you and your pet.
It would be great to visit all of these countries for your pet’s sake. If not, you can always go to any one of them.