There is something mesmerising about lakes that is hard to pinpoint exactly. Whether it is its serene surface or the stunningly colourful water, lakes deserve our admiration and appreciation. Almost all the places in the world have a lake that they are proud of and worth seeing. So, let’s travel the world and find the most beautiful lakes on the planet.

1. Lake Baikal

Considered as the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal, which can be found in Siberia, is also home to freshwater seals. The lake is beautiful any time of the year but if you want to experience a true wonderland, visit it during winter, when its bubbles become frozen underneath its clear water.

2. Moraine Lake

moraine lake in canada One of the most exquisite and famous lakes in Canada, Moraine Lake is situated at the Banff National Park. Its turquoise hue is enveloped with stunning waterfalls, mountains, evergreens, and rocks, producing an enchanting scenery.

3. Thale Noi

Thale Noi, also known as Lotus Lake, is an untouched area in Thailand. The lake is filled with lovely pink lotus flowers. However, that is not the only thing that makes Thale Noi a beautiful place to visit. It is also home to some extraordinary animal kingdom such as water buffaloes, storks, and box turtles.

4. Lake Tahoe

You’ve probably heard Lake Tahoe from some of the movies you’ve watched and had your curiosity piqued. Sprawled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the United States, it is also considered one of America’s best ski destinations. Experience breathtaking mountain views and ski resorts after you’ve enjoyed admiring the clear water of the lake.

5. Lake Como

Go back in time with Italy’s Lake Como, located at the base of the Italian Alps. The lake is surrounded by Renaissance architecture that will make you feel like you moved back in time. Aside from the lake’s natural beauty, there’s a lot to enjoy in the area, such as luxury hotels and scrumptious restaurants.

6. Lake Natron

While you might be enticed to dive into this scarlet-coloured salt lake, stop right there as the water has a 120-degree temperature. However, don’t be disheartened from visiting this unique lake, as flamingoes love to flock around the area, making your visit worthwhile.

7. Lake Pehoe

Nestled in Patagonia in Chile, this crystalline lake has a lot to offer. Indulge yourself in the magnificent views of the mountains and enjoy a hike at Torres de Paine National Park. If hiking is too strenuous for you, try sport fishing or sailing instead.

8. Hutt Lagoon

If you want to take a break from the usual turquoise hues of most lakes, then you will be amazed by Australia’s Hutt Lagoon. Instead of the usual clear blue hue, the waters of the Hutt Lagoon turns from bubblegum pink to lilac and sometimes even deep red.

9. West Lake

West Lake is one of China’s most fascinating destinations to visit. It is not only a popular place for tourists but also the locals. Across the lake, there are at least ten breathtaking sites to enjoy.

10. Lake Malawi

The pristine Lake Malawi is Africa’s third-largest lake. Visitors find the area more of a tropical beach which makes it a popular destination for newlyweds. Enjoy some exciting activities such as kayaking and diving.

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