For many in western countries, staying in a self-catering cottage is a great way to save money especially when traveling as a group. This is because hotel rooms can end up too expensive, and the option to cook allows you to save money from having to eat out. However, in Asia, choosing to stay in that cottage or villa is the way to have a luxurious holiday. This is what you can expect from your rental cottage or villa in Asia.

beachside villasYou Can Have Your Own Beach

Why share the beach with hundreds of other hotel guests when you can have your very own strip all to yourself? Forget about watching other people half naked and burning under the sun, and enjoy lying on the sand without worrying about anyone disturbing you. In Asia, you can rent your own beachside villa, get out of bed and go straight to the water in a matter of minutes.

You Do Not Have To Do Anything

In the UK, for example, you would have to do your own cooking and cleaning while staying in a self-catering cottage. You might perhaps pay for general cleaning at the end of your stay, but you will still need to do the day-to-day chores like washing the dishes and doing the laundry. In Asia, you can very easily coordinate with your travel or booking agent to arrange for someone to do the housework, the cooking, and just about anything you would love not to do while you are on vacation. It is much like staying in your own space, but getting the daily cleaning services like in a hotel. You can finally spend your holidays truly being lazy the whole day.

You May Enjoy Exotic Spots

Whether it is by the beach, overlooking a volcano, over water, or in a rice field, cottages in Asia can be found in the most unique of locations. However, many would not have the full amenities like cottages in the UK, so if having a kitchen is important for you, you would find the list of options limited. Instead, many just arrange for daily meals to be delivered or simply go out to eat. Another wonderful thing is, eating out is much cheaper here.

You Can Order Just About Anything

More than just having your meals delivered to your doorstep, you can pretty much arrange for almost everything. You can have massage therapists do their magic while you lie on your own bed, you can have beauty treatments done there as well. You can also arrange for a personal driver who will come pick you up and drop you off, and drive you all over town (and beyond) for as long as you want them to.

In fact, staying in a villa or a cottage in Asia is equated to having a luxurious holiday, as opposed to those who opt to stay in budget hotels or hostels. You can also live in the traditional houses of the country you are visiting, which certainly adds to the exotic experience. So when you plan for that grand Asian trip, do not hesitate to book a cottage or a villa and enjoy all the benefits you deserve.