Fishing enthusiasts are willing to travel great distances just to find that perfect catch. Sometimes it is not only about the actual catch; it is about the trip itself and the experience overall. This is why many anglers want to head out to some of the remotest places on the Earth, to get away from everyday life. They want to experience the adventure, the solitude, the wilderness of the location. We prepared a few words about some of the most remote fishing locations where a few dare to venture.


AlaskaSome say this is the last true wilderness of the United States. This is a vast arctic region covering thousands of square miles of nothing but wild expanses. People who come back from Alaska come back stronger, mentally and physically. Fishermen love it because of the clean waters, wonderful scenery and the wild feeling of the place.


Canada is simply huge. You can travel for days without meeting another human. Canada has miles and miles of rivers and streams and thousands of lakes, so fishing opportunities are endless. Just to illustrate our point: most of the locations in Canada are so remote that you will need a float plane to access.

Amazon river

Amazon-riverThe sheer size of the gigantic waterway tells you everything. Just to put things in perspective: there are tribes in the Amazon watershed which still have not made contact with modern civilization. That’s how remote this area is. And the fish here is huge, but so are the snakes and the crocodiles.



From the northern tips of the Americas, we head to the utmost south. Patagonia is a rugged and barren land on the edge of South America, belonging to the states of Argentina and Chile. Many parts of Patagonia are still untainted by human activity. The waters here are crystal clear and abundant with fish.


Making this list without mentioning Russia would be sacrilegious. Here we will only concentrate on a small region within Russia – Kamchatka. This unique peninsula hides so many secrets. But be prepared to fight the wilderness here.