Cottage holiday destinations are fast becoming popular because they are affordable and they are real homes away from home. When you rent one, you can run it the way you manage your home. Cottage holiday destinations are ideal for the whole family. You can easily find a cottage that will suit your budget while allowing you to enjoy your holiday with your family.

Most holiday cottage destinations are located in the beach resorts or in beautiful countryside locations. There are amazing holiday accommodation options all over the world, including everything from small cottages to spacious family holiday homes. This will be a great change to staying in a hotel. In some holiday cottage destinations, there are no grocery stores, shops, pharmacy, and even entertainment. To avoid the inconvenience of driving to these places, pack the following essentials.

1. Personal Items

Pack just enough clothes for the duration of your stay. Include a sturdy pair of shoes for hiking and jogging. Bring umbrellas. They will protect you from the rain and from the sun.

Bring both light and warm clothes. Wear light clothing during the daytime when it is sunny. No matter how good the weather is, you cannot predict when it will rain or when the nights will be cold. Packing warm clothes will prepare you for any weather changes.

Are there golf courses or tennis lawns in your destination? Have a sportswear with you so that you can play anytime.

Include personal care necessities such as sunscreen, lotion, soap, shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, and whatever you use on your face and body every day.


2. Medication

You would never know if there is a chemist in your destination. To be sure, have medicines with you just in case someone has a stomachache, toothache, slight fever, and diarrhea. These are just common ailments but they can ruin your vacation. Stop this from happening by packing some medicine with you. Here’s a good list of medication to take travelling.

3. Food and Drinks

Most holiday cottage destinations are self-catering. They have a kitchen where families can prepare their meals. Bring condiments because you might have difficulty finding them in your destination. Pack instant coffee, tea, milk, cereals, and some canned foods just in case you do not have much time to cook. Some holiday cottages provide fruits or snack packs but only for your first day. Remember that food in these places could be expensive.

An icebox where you can keep your drinks will save you money. Some of the most expensive items in vacation destinations are drinks. Bring drinks in a can and a bottle or two of wine if you are looking forward to a celebration.


4. Entertainment

Do you have your children with you? Nowadays, holiday cottages have television. But it could be boring after a day or two. To keep your children occupied, bring some games for them. Pack their favorite films so that they will have something to watch at night.

5. Other items

If you are bringing your pets, buy enough food for them. There might not be a store close to your destination that sells pet foods. Other essential items include phone chargers and socket adaptors.

With all these things packed, you are now ready to relax and have fun at your holiday destination.