Because of its very long history, it is quite natural that Egypt has so much to offer its visitors. But since many tourists only have a few days to see the country, they only end up seeing the most common sights like the Pyramids of Giza or the Sphinx. This great country has much more to offer if you take the time to explore and really immerse yourself in its unique culture.

Unique Destinations For Visitors To Egypt

1. The Alexandria Library

Though it was only built in 2002, The Alexandria Library has been designed with respect to its counterpart. For example, its exterior looks like the sunrise over the sea, exactly how the ancient library was depicted.

The new library is definitely a huge destination by itself, with a total of 4 museums, a children’s and teenager library, an open-air atrium, a digital exploration area, and a gift shop eating up your time.

2. The Egyptian Museum

Unless you want to crack open a history book before or during your holiday, the easiest way to truly understand and appreciate Egypt’s history and culture is to go to the museum. A lot of ancient artifacts, like Tutankamun’s exhibit, are on display here and you can learn the colorful history of this country.

You can check out the biggest collection of royal mummies, including that of King Tut. But there are also tons of other items and relics to accompany your journey into the past. If you take the time, you can truly improve your knowledge of Egypt’s history in a visual and engaging way.

3. Philae Temple

This temple is a unique destination in Egypt because it is located on an island found in the Nile River. The interesting story is, it used to be along the Nile but it was under threat due to the construction of dams. It, along with other historical sites, was moved into the island. The Philae Temple itself had already 75,000 pieces, so you can imagine how complicated this task was.

4. Hatshepsut Temple

This temple was designed by Hatshepsut herself, the second pharaoh and the longest-reigning female one in Egypt. She is popular due to her strong personality and inside this temple, you can read about her, as well as the gods and other pharaohs.

5. Mosque of Amr ibn al-As

This mosque is unique because it was the first that was built in Egypt and in the whole of Africa, thus, it is quite historical. If you want to learn about the Islamic culture in Egypt, then this is the place to go. Female visitors, however, will need to to be dressed properly and cover their hair.

6. Souq Al Goma’a and Khan El-Khalili Bazaars

For a different experience, try to navigate your way around the oldest and the biggest bazaars in the country. This is where you can buy Egyptian souvenirs and other traditional items. The Souq Al Goma’a and Khan El-Khalili Bazaars can get a bit busy and confusion, and you will need to watch out for thieves.

Egypt has many hidden or lesser-known destinations for you to explore, so make sure you take the time to visit sites other than the usual tourist spots.