This spectacular coastline makes a great landscape route across Turkey and will smash any of your stereotypes you may have about Turkey. This is a biggest historical area with numerous ruins, buildings and other archeological spots. Usual ones are monasteries, churches, and castles. Most of the country beauty is located right here on Black Sea Coast. Beside historical parts, you will find them beautifully balancing with impressive and picturesque nature areas.  Alpine meadows, rich valleys, lakes and green hills will make your enjoying level highest possible. All this nature piece of art is created by the combination of north and west winds confronting mountains on the south of shore making rainy and green realm. And in spite cloudier weather and colder water temperatures, semi-tropical heat is still showing up. All the charm of this area is based on its’ rocky beauty, untouched cities and empty beaches.

Most attractive locations

Activities like camping, trekking, and fishing are fulfilled with outstanding nature beauty in Uzungol Plateau. More loud and active spot now as Trabzon will please your market and bazaar expectations surrounded by great historical regions. More pleasant, domestic and green covered part is called Rize where are grown most kinds of fruit. The fact that best tea plantations are found here gives that special note. Speleologists and cave lovers should go to Karaca Cave, an area with most beautiful caves in the world. One of the best beach attractions may be found in Hope, bordering town between Georgia and Turkey.

Lovers of little physical exercise that will provide at the end an outstanding view must explore Goksu Fall, an offshoot of great Goksu River. It is found as on of the most beautiful sights in the Black Sea region. Perfect water rafting is an experience you will find in Firtina Valley. Wonderful greenery in combination with raging, the long river makes outstanding sight where anybody will stay breathless. Hiking and trekking are left for Artvin, amazing mixture of lakes, forest, valleys and step mountains. On the way of your adventure in Artvin, you will meet his historical part in forms of traditional Ottoman houses and mosques.