The diverse tourist destinations in Venezuela will make you appreciate the best of what nature has to offer, so make sure you have enough time to fully explore the country. Although the current situation prevents the usual tourist hordes, it is still possible to visit these wonderful destinations. The suggested itinerary below will take at least 2 weeks in order for you to enjoy the various corners of the country.

Day 1: Arrive And Travel To Los Roques

When you arrive, the best thing to do is to transfer to a local flight going to Los Roques. You can explore Caracas later and instead, you can start your holiday at sea.

Day 2: Beach And Island Hopping

You can spend the day at the beach, snorkeling and beachcombing. Just make sure you bring with you a lot of water and some food, as well as sunscreen to be able to spend the whole day under the sun. You can have a private boat rented out the whole day to check out different islands.

Day 3: Go To Canaima

Take a local flight from Los Roques to Canaima to go to Jungle Rudy Campamento. In the afternoon, you can go for a boat tour down the Canaima Lagoon, where you can enjoy the views overlooking Hacha, Golondrina, and Ucaima Falls. Do not miss out on the Makunaima Arte Indigena, a gift shop where you can find arts and crafts from the region.

Day 4: Visit Angel Falls

To visit Angel Falls, you need to allocate a full day so that you have enough time to spend at the foot of the falls. Going back, you can also check out Sapo Falls, where you can explore behind and under the falls.

Days 5 to 6: Wildlife in Los Llanos

To fly to Hato El Cedral, you need to first take a flight to Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolivar and transfer there. Rest up a bit and get up early the next day for local wildlife viewing like anacondas, capybara, and caiman. There are also lots of exotic bird species you can see in the wild.

Days 7 to 10: Go Up The Mountains

From Los Llanos, you can travel by plane or car to Merida, where you can enjoy the beautiful mountains and the Venezuelan Andes. From here, there are tons of tour opportunities to explore what’s around. If you are fit and love adventure-filled trips, then you can try out a canyoning trip.

Days 11 to 12: Isla Margarita

From the cooler mountains, you can head back over to the coast. There are many flights to Isla Margarita on the Caribbean. Beyond spending time at the beach, try out the top restaurants Casa Caranta and Catabar, before going for a nightcap at Guayoyo Cafe.

Days 13 to 14: Caracas

For your last stop, you get to explore the capital city of Caracas. Top destinations include Iglesia de San Francisco and the Museo de Arte Contemploraneo. A trip to El Hatillo also includes shopping at the Hannsi Centro Artesanal. For a night out, go for a drink at 360°, where you have unparalleled views of the city from the rooftop bar.

This itinerary will allow you to visit all the highlights of Venezuela, from the beaches to high up in the mountains. Forget all these trips focused on the city or are too rushed. Instead, take the time to savor and enjoy the beauty and diversity of this country.