Katie A RayesLiza World Travels is a Government approved leading tour operator and travel agent in the United States catering to foreign tourists and American visitors. Liza World Travels is an accredited member of American Association of Tour Operators.We have started as a small agency that was consist of only two members, and now we are constantly hiring new people to improve the efficiency of our staff. Clients requirements are bigger and more demanding, and we did everything to organize our team better and accomplish all these requirements.

Started as an entrepreneurial venture in 1999, Liza World Travels soon established itself in the North East India and has since expanded rapidly to become a leading specialist in operating tours and is arguably the best operator of tailor-made journeys to North East of India today.Our team consists of local people from diverse fields who share a common passion for travel. Our experience and backgrounds lend innovative thinking in addressing design and operational issues. We have personally visited over 95% of the destinations featured in our brochures. Our knowledge is constantly updated through frequent visits as well as training. We can, therefore, give an immediate and considered response to most queries. Our field personnel /Guides in North East are regularly trained, so when they escort you for the tour, they fully appreciate your needs and standards.



Experience The Best Trip Ever With Us

We are offering you not just a trip; we are offering you experience in every sense of that world. We have a student, internship or simple touristic program. Whatever you decide to take you won’t regret it. We look at the travel as the way of learning, the experience is the best possible lesson you can get in your life.