Mozambique may not be as popular a tourist destination as Kenya, South Africa, or even Morocco. But this southeast African nation has a rich Portuguese influence that can still be seen in its entertainment, cuisine, and the arts. Not only is Mozambique popular for its arts and cuisine, it is also famous for its natural and man-made attractions that will give its neighbouring countries a run for their money. Here are 5 attractions in Mozambique that you really have to check out.

Mozambique attractions

The Two Mile Reef and Bazaruto National Park

Only a few tourists are ever allowed at the Bazaruto National Park at any given time, giving you an exceptional experience snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of the famous Two Mile Reef. Stag horn corals dot the underwater landscape complete with colorful reef systems that are filled with pelagic fish. The visibility of the water is simply superb. And with fewer snorkelers in the area, you can say you’ve got the reef all to yourself.

Mesquita da Baixa and the Maputo Cityscape

At the heart of Mozambique’s capital, Maputo, is the Mesquita da Baixa. The downtown mosque is elegantly adorned with its own unique architecture, a fitting centerpiece to the growing influence of Islam in this part of the world. Head to the municipal market and be greeted with the freshest produce. Check the Natural History Museum for a taste of Southeast African cultural and ethnographic exhibitions.

Vamizi Island

Famous among seasoned anglers where each cast is guaranteed to net a catch, the waters of Vamizi Island are home to barracudas, tunas, wahoos, and kingfishes. And if you’re not the angling type, you can always go kite-surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The oceanfront restaurant should take care of your gastronomic needs while the island itself will take care of your soul with its peaceful, quiet, and calm atmosphere. Getting to Vamizi may not be easy, though.

Mozambique tourism

Ilha de Mocambique

You don’t need an expensive ferry or airplane ride to reach Mozambique Island. You only need to drive on its 3.8-kilometer bridge that connects Ilha de Mocambique to the mainland. The drive alone is enough to get you upbeat about your travel to this nation. Make sure to check Fort Sao Sebastian and be mesmerized at its spellbinding architecture. Spend the afternoon watching the sunset along the promenade on the coast. Take a stroll down the beach as you bid farewell to the day’s sun.

Parque Nacional Da Gorongosa

People call the Parque Nacional Da Gorongosa the Eden of Africa. The ecosystem looks largely untouched with numerous waterfalls and mountains dotting the landscape. It is perfect for folks who would like to appreciate nature in its most natural, unadulterated form. And while the Vinho community has their group situated more than a mile away, they have become the guardians of this unspoiled beauty.

Mozambique may not have glitzy cities or spectacular modern structures. However, it does have some of the most amazing things that you can never find anywhere else.