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Great Prices

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moraine lake in canada

The 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

There is something mesmerising about lakes that is hard to pinpoint exactly. Whether it is its serene surface or the stunningly colourful water, lakes deserve our admiration and appreciation. Almost all the places in the world have a lake that they are proud of and worth seeing. If you’re looking for a beautiful lake close to home, then check out the fantastic destination of Trevassack Lake in Cornwall where you can stay lakeside with Trevassack Holidays.

A Cultural Tour of Turkey

The land that is now Turkey has been under several civilizations and at their wake, left ruins and traces of their existence. But while they may be long gone, they have left their mark on the culture and the landscape for you and all other tourists to explore. If you are planning a cultural tour of Turkey, here are some spots you should never miss: 1. Ancient Caria and Lycia The coastlines are not the only highlight of a visit

women on beach in Mozambique

5 Attractions in Mozambique that You’ve Got to See

Mozambique may not be as popular a tourist destination as Kenya, South Africa, or even Morocco. But this southeast African nation has a rich Portuguese influence that can still be seen in its entertainment, cuisine, and the arts. Not only is Mozambique popular for its arts and cuisine, it is also famous for its natural and man-made attractions that will give its neighbouring countries a run for their money. Here are 5 attractions in Mozambique that you really have to

villa vacations

Five Important Things to Bring to Your Cottage Holiday Destination

Most holiday cottage destinations are located in the beach resorts or in beautiful countryside locations. There are amazing holiday accommodation options all over the world, including everything from small cottages to spacious family holiday homes. This will be a great change to staying in a hotel. In some holiday cottage destinations, there are no grocery stores, shops, pharmacy, and even entertainment. To avoid the inconvenience of driving to these places, pack the following essentials.


A Guide to Taking the Bosphorous Tour

Istanbul is one of the most underrated cities to visit that some people don’t even know it’s something worth going to. All these notions will be changed once you take a chance on the Bosphorus Tour. What is the Bosphorus Tour? The Bosphorous Tour is a cruise on the Bosphorus strait which divides Istanbul’s east and west sides. It cuts right between Europe and Asia which is just the perfect getaway if you want to be in two places at

Top Attractions in East India

India has many areas to explore, and many Indians themselves have not ticked off many of these destinations. While traveling abroad is also an exhilarating experience, visiting a different part of the country is in many ways easier, cheaper, and less daunting. This is a guide to the top attractions of East India. Eastern India is composed of the Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand, and West Bengal while the states of Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, Mizoram, and Arunachal Pradesh are

Egypt’s Unique Tourist Attractions

Because of its very long history, it is quite natural that Egypt has so much to offer its visitors. But since many tourists only have a few days to see the country, they only end up seeing the most common sights like the Pyramids of Giza or the Sphinx. This great country has much more to offer if you take the time to explore and really immerse yourself in its unique culture. Unique Destinations For Visitors To Egypt 1. The

turkey mountains

Turkey’s Hidden Gems

If you truly want to explore Turkey, then you will need to plan enough time to check out the popular destinations and also discover some hidden ones. After all, this is a country with beautiful beaches and a very long history dating back to thousands of years. If you are planning to get off the beaten path, then check out these secret gems only locals know about. 1. Sumela Monastery Found in the northeast of Turkey, the Sumela Monastery is

Best Venezuela Tourist Itinerary

The diverse tourist destinations in Venezuela will make you appreciate the best of what nature has to offer, so make sure you have enough time to fully explore the country. Although the current situation prevents the usual tourist hordes, it is still possible to visit these wonderful destinations. The suggested itinerary below will take at least 2 weeks in order for you to enjoy the various corners of the country. Day 1: Arrive And Travel To Los Roques When you