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The Ultimate Beach Vacation Checklist

The sunny days are here and it is time to party at the beach! Beach festivals are the place to be, enjoying the warm days while listening to great music. With some events lasting days, you should definitely remember to pack all the essentials before hitting up one of those popular beach festivals or for your annual vacations by the sea.

Whether you’ll be holidaying in Cornwall or California, Morecombe or the Maldives, there are some essential items you will need to pack to ensure the trip goes smoothly.


Whether you plan to hit the water or not, you should never forget to pack your swimwear. You can party on it (just wrap a bandana, use a cover-up or even just keep it under your clothes), splash around in the water on it, or simply use to sunbathe.

Sun Protection

If you are especially fair-skinned, staying under the sun the whole day can be disastrous. Make sure you pack some sun protection. Sunscreen is important, just remember to apply it several times a day and after you get wet. Sunglasses with UV protection will protect your eyes from the strong glare of the sun. A wide-brimmed hat will keep your face from turning red like a tomato.

packing for the beach

Packing for the beach

Beach Furniture

There are many cool and comfortable things that you can use beyond just your towel. There are chairs or lounges for sunbathing or simply enjoying the music, there are also open but covered tents to give you some more protection from the sun, and even from some rain if it comes. They are also great for keeping your things safe (though you should never leave your valuables inside)

Another wonderful idea is to pack a great float to simply chill on the water. They come in funny designs like a huge pizza or even a unicorn. They are eye-catching, fun and simply a must-have at the beach.

Eating Essentials

While there might be food stands, you can also bring your own gear. Check if grills are allowed, or simply bring battery-operated cooking equipment for some quick meals. You can also bring a water cooler (some are also battery-operated) to keep your drinks cool.

Just In Case It Rains

While summer days should always be sunny, you can never avoid some drops while in the festival. So make sure you pack a light poncho, just in case.

For Your Suitcase

Make sure to include some essentials in your suitcase or backpack, like a towel to dry yourself off, your favorite pair of flipflops for walking on the hot sand, and a cardigan or hoodie for when the nights get cool.

For Your Memories

Do not ever forget your camera, or your smartphone, to be able to take some cool photos with your new friends at the festival. Not only can you keep memories longer, but you can show them around to friends and family afterward.

Other Activities by the Beach

For some beach yoga, bring your own mat. You can also use it to lie on the sand as well. When you also want to do something else, bring your favourite book with you as well.

When partying at the beach, you will not be able to easily run to the shops to buy some things. So to be safe, make sure you pack the essentials with you and you will also not have to pay the exorbitant tourist rates.


Take a Trip to the Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe

Every now and then, we need to reset our mind and body, to take a long vacation away from our desks and just relax and enjoy time with ourselves. When we think of relaxing holidays, we generally mean lazy days in beautiful sandy beach destinations. We’re lucky in Europe that there are some fantastic vacation options in coastal hotspots with amazing places to stay by the sea. So why not take a trip and experience some of the most breathtaking beaches in Europe?

Why Europe, you ask? There are certainly a lot of good attractions out there in the world, but none can compare to the majestic and relaxing sceneries that the continent has to offer. What better way to clear your mind but with a wide view of dramatic coastal scenery and the waves rippling across the horizon.

Here is a list of the best beach holiday destinations that you can find in beautiful Europe:


The Algarve in South West Portugal has become a popular destination for tourists from all over the globe. It remains serene and rarely has establishments around and it is almost deserted. Cool spots for you to visit are Praia de Albandeira and Sudoeste Alentejano, as well has the popular seaside towns of Lagos and Sagres.


Gorgeous sea views and beaches can be found in the country of Italy. We strongly suggest going to more than just one place to make the most of your stay here. Places to visit are Amalfi Coast, Cala Goloritze in Sardinia, Cala Tonnarella in Sicily, Trieste and Venice. When here take a drive along the coast to experience panoramic sea views.


It may not be warm, but Scotland has some wonderful white sand beaches backed by dramatic mountains. It makes a great place for outdoor adventures by the coast, with plentiful accommodation options. The Scottish Isles, in particular the Isle of Skye, has some of Europe’s best beaches and possibly the best sea views anywhere in the world.


San Sebastian, Formentera and Barcelona are two of the best city beaches in Spain. Here you can enjoy shopping, dining, swimming and partying. If you want to get away from the congested beaches and prefer a place more private and with fewer people, Cala Macarella beach in Menorca is perfect for you. Just a heads-up though – getting there is not easy. You may need to travel far and hike a couple of miles, but all that effort will be totally worth it.

spain beach sea view


Dublin actually has beaches. It is common knowledge that Ireland has cold weather. But if you are looking for a fantastic sea view, Dublin is also home to the Cliffs of Moher and Galway’s Dolphin Beach houses are top tourist spots, too.


The Bay of Biscay is known as the Hamptons or White Islands of France. Nice is also perfect during the summer, particularly the Blue Beach and Plage Beau Rivage.


The Zlatni Rat in Brac, Split and Dubrovnik are one of the best beaches and sea views in Croatia. They are perfect places for sailing and relaxation. Most of the beaches here are isolated and peaceful.


Bodrum and Istanbul are the best places to visit in Turkey. They are clean and probably some of the most peaceful beaches in the Mediterranean.


The Santorini Caldera has one of the world’s spectacular shorelines. The sunsets are best to view from terraces. It has been described as “majestic” by most. The Navagio beach in Zakynthos, Greece is popular for its limestone cliffs and ancient shipwreck that is buried in its center.

greece sea view

These amazing places in Europe are perfect and you can choose to go to sites that are not as crowded like other destinations out there. Travel and open your mind and soul to the sea.