Festivals Of North East India: A Joy For All Your Senses

The Indian peninsula is an all-out attack on all of your senses. See the architecture, feel the heat and the cold, taste the food, smell the spices, touch the sand. Most importantly, meet the people. Festivals around India all share the same underlying purpose – for people to meet at one place and feel good. Join them, book your ticket and visit the colorful festivals/

Pangsau Pass Winter festival

The region of Nampong is something to behold. There are so many wonderful things to see here, not even counting the festival. This wonderful town is situated close to the border with Myanmar, in the Changlang district. You can visit the historical Stilwell Road. This was the most important trading route for the entire region. The serpentines here are breathtaking. Also, you can see the World War Two cemetery which holds the bones of brave soldiers who fought for freedom and protected India.

Shine a light festival in Sohra

This festival arose from the desire of a few local enthusiasts to keep Rock n Roll alive. It started out as a way to show support to local bands and performers and grew into something much larger. This is three days of pure Rock n Roll in the region of Cherrapunjee. While you spend your night headbanging, you can have some fun during the day hiking in the surrounding hills. You can explore the nature around the town and enjoy the beautiful wilderness.

Hornbill festival in Kohima

Hornbill-festival-in-KohimaOne of the easternmost regions of India, the state of Nagaland hosts the Hornbill festival in the city of Kohima. The whole town becomes a carnival during the festival days. There is something for everyone here, so make sure you spend more than a few days in this beautiful country.

Ziro Music festival in Ziro

This is a large event which attracts thousands of people to the state of Arunachal Pradesh. There are many national and international performers and every time this festival offers something new. The crowd will dance into the night, moving along with the sound of music. This is truly something to feel. Furthermore, this event raises awareness about the Indian art, culture, and music.



Things To See In Meghalaya

The north-east of India holds so many secrets. This region is enclosed in the clouds, as though it is hidden from the rest of the world. People here call it the Abode of the Clouds. It is one of the wettest regions in the world, so make sure you bring your raincoat. But more importantly, bring your spirit because this place will make it shine. We prepared a list of the must-see places in Meghalaya.

The Living Root Bridges

The-Living-Root-BridgesThis may be the most famous attraction here. You will have to travel the dense forests and endure the beating rain, but, in the end, it will all be worthwhile. These bridges are true evidence of man’s ability to subdue the natural powers and harness them to his own will. The Khasi tribe trained the trees to grow a certain way and form these monuments of nature.

Mawlynnong Cleanest Village

The scenic area around this small village offers wonderful images of wilderness. Many people call it the “cleanest village in Asia,” while other also use the “God’s garden” nickname. This marvel of eco-tourism is a bamboo village with a beautiful platform which will give you beautiful views of Bangladesh, sitting just a few miles away.

The Sacred Forest of Mawphlang

The-Sacred-Forest-of-MawphlangYou will need about 45 minutes from Shillong to get to Mawphlang. This is a sacred place worshipped by the Khasi tribe, abundant with various kinds of medicinal plants. You can explore the region and soak up the culture of the Khasi. If you have a good amount of energy in you, go ahead and take the David Scott trail. The 16-kilometer trail will take you from MAphlang to Lad Mawphlang.

Meghalaya Caves

This country is full of caves; there are more than a thousand of them. The most famous one is Mawsmai, near Cherrapunji. The cave is tourist-friendly, lit up and prepared for scores of visitors. Other caves are not so accessible, so you might have a bit of trouble to reach them. Many local tour operators offer organized visits to various caves.

The Shillong Bazaar

A true, traditional market of the Indian North East, the Shillong Bazaar stood the test of time and beat all the invaders and economic hardships. People here are used to this chaotic rumble of people and goods. One more thing: do not leave before you try the local street food!