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Egypt’s Unique Tourist Attractions

Because of its very long history, it is quite natural that Egypt has so much to offer its visitors. But since many tourists only have a few days to see the country, they only end up seeing the most common sights like the Pyramids of Giza or the Sphinx. This great country has much more to offer if you take the time to explore and really immerse yourself in its unique culture.

Unique Destinations For Visitors To Egypt

1. The Alexandria Library

Though it was only built in 2002, The Alexandria Library has been designed with respect to its counterpart. For example, its exterior looks like the sunrise over the sea, exactly how the ancient library was depicted.

The new library is definitely a huge destination by itself, with a total of 4 museums, a children’s and teenager library, an open-air atrium, a digital exploration area, and a gift shop eating up your time.

2. The Egyptian Museum

Unless you want to crack open a history book before or during your holiday, the easiest way to truly understand and appreciate Egypt’s history and culture is to go to the museum. A lot of ancient artifacts, like Tutankamun’s exhibit, are on display here and you can learn the colorful history of this country.

You can check out the biggest collection of royal mummies, including that of King Tut. But there are also tons of other items and relics to accompany your journey into the past. If you take the time, you can truly improve your knowledge of Egypt’s history in a visual and engaging way.

3. Philae Temple

This temple is a unique destination in Egypt because it is located on an island found in the Nile River. The interesting story is, it used to be along the Nile but it was under threat due to the construction of dams. It, along with other historical sites, was moved into the island. The Philae Temple itself had already 75,000 pieces, so you can imagine how complicated this task was.

4. Hatshepsut Temple

This temple was designed by Hatshepsut herself, the second pharaoh and the longest-reigning female one in Egypt. She is popular due to her strong personality and inside this temple, you can read about her, as well as the gods and other pharaohs.

5. Mosque of Amr ibn al-As

This mosque is unique because it was the first that was built in Egypt and in the whole of Africa, thus, it is quite historical. If you want to learn about the Islamic culture in Egypt, then this is the place to go. Female visitors, however, will need to to be dressed properly and cover their hair.

6. Souq Al Goma’a and Khan El-Khalili Bazaars

For a different experience, try to navigate your way around the oldest and the biggest bazaars in the country. This is where you can buy Egyptian souvenirs and other traditional items. The Souq Al Goma’a and Khan El-Khalili Bazaars can get a bit busy and confusion, and you will need to watch out for thieves.

Egypt has many hidden or lesser-known destinations for you to explore, so make sure you take the time to visit sites other than the usual tourist spots.

Best Venezuela Tourist Itinerary

The diverse tourist destinations in Venezuela will make you appreciate the best of what nature has to offer, so make sure you have enough time to fully explore the country. Although the current situation prevents the usual tourist hordes, it is still possible to visit these wonderful destinations. The suggested itinerary below will take at least 2 weeks in order for you to enjoy the various corners of the country.

Day 1: Arrive And Travel To Los Roques

When you arrive, the best thing to do is to transfer to a local flight going to Los Roques. You can explore Caracas later and instead, you can start your holiday at sea.

Day 2: Beach And Island Hopping

You can spend the day at the beach, snorkeling and beachcombing. Just make sure you bring with you a lot of water and some food, as well as sunscreen to be able to spend the whole day under the sun. You can have a private boat rented out the whole day to check out different islands.

Day 3: Go To Canaima

Take a local flight from Los Roques to Canaima to go to Jungle Rudy Campamento. In the afternoon, you can go for a boat tour down the Canaima Lagoon, where you can enjoy the views overlooking Hacha, Golondrina, and Ucaima Falls. Do not miss out on the Makunaima Arte Indigena, a gift shop where you can find arts and crafts from the region.

Day 4: Visit Angel Falls

To visit Angel Falls, you need to allocate a full day so that you have enough time to spend at the foot of the falls. Going back, you can also check out Sapo Falls, where you can explore behind and under the falls.

Days 5 to 6: Wildlife in Los Llanos

To fly to Hato El Cedral, you need to first take a flight to Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolivar and transfer there. Rest up a bit and get up early the next day for local wildlife viewing like anacondas, capybara, and caiman. There are also lots of exotic bird species you can see in the wild.

Days 7 to 10: Go Up The Mountains

From Los Llanos, you can travel by plane or car to Merida, where you can enjoy the beautiful mountains and the Venezuelan Andes. From here, there are tons of tour opportunities to explore what’s around. If you are fit and love adventure-filled trips, then you can try out a canyoning trip.

Days 11 to 12: Isla Margarita

From the cooler mountains, you can head back over to the coast. There are many flights to Isla Margarita on the Caribbean. Beyond spending time at the beach, try out the top restaurants Casa Caranta and Catabar, before going for a nightcap at Guayoyo Cafe.

Days 13 to 14: Caracas

For your last stop, you get to explore the capital city of Caracas. Top destinations include Iglesia de San Francisco and the Museo de Arte Contemploraneo. A trip to El Hatillo also includes shopping at the Hannsi Centro Artesanal. For a night out, go for a drink at 360°, where you have unparalleled views of the city from the rooftop bar.

This itinerary will allow you to visit all the highlights of Venezuela, from the beaches to high up in the mountains. Forget all these trips focused on the city or are too rushed. Instead, take the time to savor and enjoy the beauty and diversity of this country.

Top US Festivals You Must Attend

If you are looking for a unique experience in the US, whether you live here or you are coming for a visit, then you should head over to one of the best festivals in the country. The most popular and with the biggest crowds are, as you can imagine, Coachella and Mardi Gras, but in this big country, there are certainly more out there for you to join.

Whether you love music or food, there is the perfect festival for you. These events are the best chance for you to meet new people and have some fun. So plan your year around these dates and never miss out on the fun.

1. Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans

Jazz lovers know to head to New Orlean’s for the best players, but there is nothing that can compare with this festival. During this event, you can enjoy the culture and the easygoing nature of the South. If you are planning to head over to the country’s most well-known jazz festival, then you should plan your holidays around April or May, when this event is normally held.

2. Burning Man, Nevada

As far as festivals go, Burning Man is one of the unique ones. It is not a foodie nor a musical event but instead, it is a festival that celebrates self-expression. Thousands of people join the whole week to participate and then leave as if nothing’s happened. To celebrate this event, a temporary city called Black Rock City is set up between the last week of August and the first week of September.

3. Boston Seafood Festival

In August of every year, Boston becomes the capital of all things seafood. Beyond just offering various food stalls that serve anything fish, crustacean, or chowder, there are contests and demonstrations. Moreover, the Boston Fish Pier becomes taken over by seafood on this day.

4. Sundance Film Festival, Utah

While the Oscars is a huge event in Hollywood, the biggest independent film festival in the country is held yearly in Utah. In January of every year, film buffs can enjoy the works of independent filmmakers all over the world. The Sundance Film Festival draws, naturally, the biggest stars although up-and-coming filmmakers share the spotlight. It is truly popular and almost half a million people attended the festival in the past few years.

5. Eat Drink SF

Food is also a true crowd-pleaser, especially when 120 restaurants from one of the country’s biggest cities participate in this yearly festival. San Francisco features their best dishes during this event, which is mostly happening at the Fort Mason Center. Besides food, wines from 70 Californian wineries are also on display. This event is usually held in the last week of August.

6. Great American Foodie Fest

Another must-see for foodies, this four-day bonanza will feature so many different dishes in the form of “food truck“ food. Visitors should go towards the Sunset Station for their fill of traditional and not-so-traditional, creative dishes. So if you are sick and tired of the casinos and clubs in Las Vegas, this is another highlight during your trip. Just make sure you keep your schedule free between October 6 and 9.

These festivals do not just showcase the best of what the host cities have to offer, but they are just like one huge party that you will never want to miss again. So get your calendar and plan those holidays ahead of time.


Traveling Around the World with Your Dog

The Best Countries to Visit with a Pooch in Tow

Traveling can be so much fun especially when done with the rest of the family. But if you have to leave your dog behind simply because the destination you’re going to clearly doesn’t have the dog-friendly atmosphere that other countries have, scrap this from your list and start planning your next trip to any of our list of the best countries to visit with your canine friend.


The French are clearly passionate with anything and everything about life. France has consistently been ranked as the best country to go to if only to give your pet the time of its life. Whether it’s a supermarket, a shopping center, bar, or even a restaurant, you’ll never see any sign that says “No pets allowed”. Instead, they’ll be greeting your furry friend with open arms. Some public places even have their own “loo points” where you’d be given bags with which to pick up your canine’s mess. Unlike the US where there are laws or ordinances that restrict your dog’s freedom, you can let your four-legged friend run free in Francia.

holiday vacation for dog owners


The people of Deutschland love their dogs. They’re one of very few countries that do not have no-kill shelters. Instead, they’ll pamper every animal that will seek refuge in any of their animal shelters. Each dog that ever lands in a shelter is given a daily dose of exercise, plenty of socialization with other dogs and humans, and a well-designed pet training program. Because of the Germans’ unconditional love for their hounds, it is not surprising that dogs that are destined to be euthanized in other countries are brought to Germany to have a second lease on life. Everyone deserves a new beginning.


With so much open space, Scotland is a must-see destination for dog owners who like to travel. This is a wonderful walkie location with thousands upon thousands of square miles of wilderness to explore, from high mountains and monroes to white sandy beaches and loch paths. Scotland is truly a first class holiday destination for enjoying the great outdoors. Dogs are very welcome at many hotels, B&Bs and self catering vacation accommodation from the Highlands to the Islands and through the great cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. This online guide has some fantastic dog friendly options in Scotland.


A haven for animal rights advocates, Austria is a land that is strongly against animal cruelty. Not one store will ever sell dogs or cats or any other animal. Anything that can inflict harm on dogs such as shock collars, prong collars, and even invisible fences is a big no-no. For Austrians, dogs are venerable members of the family; as such these four-legged family members are always part of the family’s daily activities. So, when you do decide to hit the streets of Vienna or even Salzburg, you can easily let your dog run loose.



Switzerland is not only famous for the Alps, fine watches, and chocolates. It’s also a favorite destination among pet parents who want to lavish their dogs with the best of what this Alpine country has to offer. Switzerland has one of the strictest guidelines when it comes to pet ownership. Unlike other countries where anyone can technically own a pet, the Swiss take pet parenthood very seriously. One needs to undergo a battery of programs and tests to determine their suitability as pet parents. Every pet parent is also required to have a pet insurance. It should really be a great destination for you and your pet.
It would be great to visit all of these countries for your pet’s sake. If not, you can always go to any one of them.


Things You Really Have to Do When You Visit Nepal

Known as the roof of the world with eight of the world’s highest peaks located within its borders, Nepal is not just a mountain climber’s paradise. It is also home to some of the planet’s most beautiful landscapes, adventure trails, and national parks that could see you being much closer to nature than any other country. And if you do plan to make Nepal as your next destination, make sure to include these must-do things when you get to the roof of the world.


Marvel at the Ancient Temples of Patan

With a history that dates as far back as 250 BC, the town of Patan along the Bagmati River is a cultural anthropologist’s dream destination. It has more temples than the larger city of Kathmandu or even Bhaktapur including the famous Kumbeshwar Temple and Golden Temple. Unfortunately, a good number of ancient temples in Patan were badly damaged if not totally destroyed in the 2015 Nepal quake.

Learn Kayaking on the Seti River

It’s not the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, but the Seti River has long been considered as one of the best places to learn whitewater kayaking. It’s a 4-day spectacle that starts at the scenic Phewa Lake moving along the Lower Seti and finishing in the shores of the Chitwan National Park. It’s the best starting point for kayakers who want to challenge themselves to conquer many of the treacherous whitewater river systems of the Himalayas.

Go River Rafting with the Family on the Bhote Koshi


By Anil Simkhada [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

If you came with your family, a ride on one of Bhote Koshi River’s whitewater river rafting outfitters should give you the kind of experience that even the Grand Canyon cannot match. Take the 2-day whitewater river rafting package and get a first-hand experience why people around the world consider this to be the best. If you don’t have the time, you can always go for shorter yet equally adventurous river trips.

Be One with the Tigers of Bardia

Home to one of Asia’s largest tiger habitats, the Bardia National Park is a haven for animal lovers especially when they spot a one-horned rhino feasting on the brushes or even a parade of elephants. Be very watchful of the river dolphins of the mighty Ganges swimming together with crocodiles. There are more than 250 bird species in the national park including the Bengal floricans and sarus cranes. Of course, a trip to the Bardia will never be complete if you cannot spot the mighty Bengal tiger with its deep orange with black stripes coat.

Explore Pokhara

Pokhara is a lakeside town that comes with its own natural beauty including spectacular fishing grounds, trails for mountain biking, and numerous hiking trails. It’s the perfect place to go sunbathing while some of your more adventurous travel companions can go paragliding. It’s one of those places that you will never want to leave as it has the best mix of nature, activities, and the chance to find inner peace.

Nepal may be a small country, but its beauty is superlative in every meaning of the word.

villa vacations

Five Important Things to Bring to Your Cottage Holiday Destination

Cottage holiday destinations are fast becoming popular because they are affordable and they are real homes away from home. When you rent one, you can run it the way you manage your home. Cottage holiday destinations are ideal for the whole family. You can easily find a cottage that will suit your budget while allowing you to enjoy your holiday with your family.

Most holiday cottage destinations are located in the beach resorts or in farms. This will be a great change to staying in a hotel. In some holiday cottage destinations, there are no grocery stores, shops, pharmacy, and even entertainment. To avoid the inconvenience of driving to these places, pack the following essentials.

1. Personal Items

Pack just enough clothes for the duration of your stay. Include a sturdy pair of shoes for hiking and jogging. Bring umbrellas. They will protect you from the rain and from the sun.

Bring both light and warm clothes. Wear light clothing during the daytime when it is sunny. No matter how good the weather is, you cannot predict when it will rain or when the nights will be cold. Packing warm clothes will prepare you for any weather changes.

Are there golf courses or tennis lawns in your destination? Have a sportswear with you so that you can play anytime.

Include personal care necessities such as sunscreen, lotion, soap, shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, and whatever you use on your face and body every day.


2. Medication

You would never know if there is a chemist in your destination. To be sure, have medicines with you just in case someone has a stomachache, toothache, slight fever, and diarrhea. These are just common ailments but they can ruin your vacation. Stop this from happening by packing some medicine with you.

3. Food and Drinks

Most holiday cottage destinations are self-catering. They have a kitchen where families can prepare their meals. Bring condiments because you might have difficulty finding them in your destination. Pack instant coffee, tea, milk, cereals, and some canned foods just in case you do not have much time to cook. Some holiday cottages provide fruits or snack packs but only for your first day. Remember that food in these places could be expensive.

An icebox where you can keep your drinks will save you money. Some of the most expensive items in vacation destinations are drinks. Bring drinks in a can and a bottle or two of wine if you are looking forward to a celebration.


4. Entertainment

Do you have your children with you? Nowadays, holiday cottages have television. But it could be boring after a day or two. To keep your children occupied, bring some games for them. Pack their favorite films so that they will have something to watch at night.

5. Other items

If you are bringing your pets, buy enough food for them. There might not be a store close to your destination that sells pet foods. Other essential items include phone chargers and socket adaptors.

With all these things packed, you are now ready to relax and have fun at your holiday destination.

The Ultimate Beach Vacation Checklist

The sunny days are here and it is time to party at the beach! Beach festivals are the place to be, enjoying the warm days while listening to great music. With some events lasting days, you should definitely remember to pack all the essentials before hitting up one of those popular beach festivals or for your annual vacations by the sea.

Whether you’ll be holidaying in Cornwall or California, Morecombe or the Maldives, there are some essential items you will need to pack to ensure the trip goes smoothly.


Whether you plan to hit the water or not, you should never forget to pack your swimwear. You can party on it (just wrap a bandana, use a cover-up or even just keep it under your clothes), splash around in the water on it, or simply use to sunbathe.

Sun Protection

If you are especially fair-skinned, staying under the sun the whole day can be disastrous. Make sure you pack some sun protection. Sunscreen is important, just remember to apply it several times a day and after you get wet. Sunglasses with UV protection will protect your eyes from the strong glare of the sun. A wide-brimmed hat will keep your face from turning red like a tomato.

packing for the beach

Packing for the beach

Beach Furniture

There are many cool and comfortable things that you can use beyond just your towel. There are chairs or lounges for sunbathing or simply enjoying the music, there are also open but covered tents to give you some more protection from the sun, and even from some rain if it comes. They are also great for keeping your things safe (though you should never leave your valuables inside)

Another wonderful idea is to pack a great float to simply chill on the water. They come in funny designs like a huge pizza or even a unicorn. They are eye-catching, fun and simply a must-have at the beach.

Eating Essentials

While there might be food stands, you can also bring your own gear. Check if grills are allowed, or simply bring battery-operated cooking equipment for some quick meals. You can also bring a water cooler (some are also battery-operated) to keep your drinks cool.

Just In Case It Rains

While summer days should always be sunny, you can never avoid some drops while in the festival. So make sure you pack a light poncho, just in case.

For Your Suitcase

Make sure to include some essentials in your suitcase or backpack, like a towel to dry yourself off, your favorite pair of flipflops for walking on the hot sand, and a cardigan or hoodie for when the nights get cool.

For Your Memories

Do not ever forget your camera, or your smartphone, to be able to take some cool photos with your new friends at the festival. Not only can you keep memories longer, but you can show them around to friends and family afterward.

Other Activities by the Beach

For some beach yoga, bring your own mat. You can also use it to lie on the sand as well. When you also want to do something else, bring your favourite book with you as well.

When partying at the beach, you will not be able to easily run to the shops to buy some things. So to be safe, make sure you pack the essentials with you and you will also not have to pay the exorbitant tourist rates.

budget travel

Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations in 2018

Who says that only the rich can afford to travel the world? Satisfy your wanderlust this 2018 without spending beyond your budget. Discover places that are not yet blemished by modernization. Prices are amazingly low and you will be able to stick to your budget with a little extra to buy some souvenirs. Here are the best budget-friendly destinations in 2018.

Tallinn, Estonia

tallinn estonia budget travel

If you are looking forward to enjoying Mother Nature, learning some history, staying in affordable accommodation, eating good food, and doing some exploration, then Tallinn must be your next travel destination. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is one of the oldest towns in Northern Europe. You can explore this town on foot, and do some sight-seeing along the way. Staying in dorms or private homes will cost you very little. Tallinn is famous for its tasty and affordable street food. For a few dollars, you can enjoy a hearty delicious meal. You can also enjoy food and cooking tours at reasonable prices.

In Tallinn, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Baltic Sea, visit museums, and go on a bike tour. One popular attraction in Tallinn is the underground passages that date back from the 16th century. These tunnels were believed to be the hiding places of the soldiers and their ammunition every time Russian warriors would attack.

With everything that it offers at budget-friendly prices, Tallinn is an ideal travel destination for 2018.

Essaouira, Morocco

essaouira budget travel

Essaouira is a port city and resort found on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. While some tourists avoid it during the summer season because of the strong wind coming from the Atlantic, wind and kite surfers consider It a paradise as the rough sea becomes their playground. The best time of the year to visit is during autumn and spring. Food is very affordable and delicious, especially the seafood that has just been brought in from the sea. You can stay in the traditional Moroccan homes and palaces called “riads” and experience living in great comfort and luxury at very low rates.

The view is fantastic. The golden beaches and the crowded sea-colored boats make up its picturesque harbor. Explore Skala de la Ville, which is featured in the “Game of Thrones” as the Astapor. A visit to this lovely place will be within your budget.

Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh city budget travel

Edinburgh is a lovely city in Scotland. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, this is your chance to see the place where JK Rowling wove the tales about witches and wizards and about the magical school of Hogwarts, the Scottish castle where students study how to do magic.

Stroll the streets of West End and breathe in the bohemian atmosphere as you shop in one of its boutiques or have a cold drink in the numerous pubs and bars. If you know where to look, you can easily find a dorm or a private accommodation that will not exceed your budget. Food is budget-friendly at £5 for a hearty and delicious meal.

Consider these three affordable destinations in Europe if you are traveling on a tight budget. Accommodation and food are reasonably-priced and most tourist attractions offer free admission. For more inspiration read travel guide book Lonely Planet’s list of the top ten best value places to visit in 2018, or find some more great ideas in this video below:


Take a Trip to the Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe

Every now and then, we need to reset our mind and body, to take a long vacation away from our desks and just relax and enjoy time with ourselves. When we think of relaxing holidays, we generally mean lazy days in beautiful sandy beach destinations. We’re lucky in Europe that there are some fantastic vacation options in coastal hotspots with amazing places to stay by the sea. So why not take a trip and experience some of the most breathtaking beaches in Europe?

Why Europe, you ask? There are certainly a lot of good attractions out there in the world, but none can compare to the majestic and relaxing sceneries that the continent has to offer. What better way to clear your mind but with a wide view of dramatic coastal scenery and the waves rippling across the horizon.

Here is a list of the best beach holiday destinations that you can find in beautiful Europe:


The Algarve in South West Portugal has become a popular destination for tourists from all over the globe. It remains serene and rarely has establishments around and it is almost deserted. Cool spots for you to visit are Praia de Albandeira and Sudoeste Alentejano, as well has the popular seaside towns of Lagos and Sagres.


Gorgeous sea views and beaches can be found in the country of Italy. We strongly suggest going to more than just one place to make the most of your stay here. Places to visit are Amalfi Coast, Cala Goloritze in Sardinia, Cala Tonnarella in Sicily, Trieste and Venice. When here take a drive along the coast to experience panoramic sea views.


It may not be warm, but Scotland has some wonderful white sand beaches backed by dramatic mountains. It makes a great place for outdoor adventures by the coast, with plentiful accommodation options. The Scottish Isles, in particular the Isle of Skye, has some of Europe’s best beaches and possibly the best sea views anywhere in the world.


San Sebastian, Formentera and Barcelona are two of the best city beaches in Spain. Here you can enjoy shopping, dining, swimming and partying. If you want to get away from the congested beaches and prefer a place more private and with fewer people, Cala Macarella beach in Menorca is perfect for you. Just a heads-up though – getting there is not easy. You may need to travel far and hike a couple of miles, but all that effort will be totally worth it.

spain beach sea view


Dublin actually has beaches. It is common knowledge that Ireland has cold weather. But if you are looking for a fantastic sea view, Dublin is also home to the Cliffs of Moher and Galway’s Dolphin Beach houses are top tourist spots, too.


The Bay of Biscay is known as the Hamptons or White Islands of France. Nice is also perfect during the summer, particularly the Blue Beach and Plage Beau Rivage.


The Zlatni Rat in Brac, Split and Dubrovnik are one of the best beaches and sea views in Croatia. They are perfect places for sailing and relaxation. Most of the beaches here are isolated and peaceful.


Bodrum and Istanbul are the best places to visit in Turkey. They are clean and probably some of the most peaceful beaches in the Mediterranean.


The Santorini Caldera has one of the world’s spectacular shorelines. The sunsets are best to view from terraces. It has been described as “majestic” by most. The Navagio beach in Zakynthos, Greece is popular for its limestone cliffs and ancient shipwreck that is buried in its center.

greece sea view

These amazing places in Europe are perfect and you can choose to go to sites that are not as crowded like other destinations out there. Travel and open your mind and soul to the sea.


Why Savvy Travellers Book Villas in Asia

For many in western countries, staying in a self-catering cottage is a great way to save money especially when traveling as a group. This is because hotel rooms can end up too expensive, and the option to cook allows you to save money from having to eat out. However, in Asia, choosing to stay in that cottage or villa is the way to have a luxurious holiday. This is what you can expect from your rental cottage or villa in Asia.

beachside villasYou Can Have Your Own Beach

Why share the beach with hundreds of other hotel guests when you can have your very own strip all to yourself? Forget about watching other people half naked and burning under the sun, and enjoy lying on the sand without worrying about anyone disturbing you. In Asia, you can rent your own beachside villa, get out of bed and go straight to the water in a matter of minutes.

You Do Not Have To Do Anything

In the UK, for example, you would have to do your own cooking and cleaning while staying in a self-catering cottage. You might perhaps pay for general cleaning at the end of your stay, but you will still need to do the day-to-day chores like washing the dishes and doing the laundry. In Asia, you can very easily coordinate with your travel or booking agent to arrange for someone to do the housework, the cooking, and just about anything you would love not to do while you are on vacation. It is much like staying in your own space, but getting the daily cleaning services like in a hotel. You can finally spend your holidays truly being lazy the whole day.

You May Enjoy Exotic Spots

Whether it is by the beach, overlooking a volcano, over water, or in a rice field, cottages in Asia can be found in the most unique of locations. However, many would not have the full amenities like cottages in the UK, so if having a kitchen is important for you, you would find the list of options limited. Instead, many just arrange for daily meals to be delivered or simply go out to eat. Another wonderful thing is, eating out is much cheaper here.

You Can Order Just About Anything

More than just having your meals delivered to your doorstep, you can pretty much arrange for almost everything. You can have massage therapists do their magic while you lie on your own bed, you can have beauty treatments done there as well. You can also arrange for a personal driver who will come pick you up and drop you off, and drive you all over town (and beyond) for as long as you want them to.

In fact, staying in a villa or a cottage in Asia is equated to having a luxurious holiday, as opposed to those who opt to stay in budget hotels or hostels. You can also live in the traditional houses of the country you are visiting, which certainly adds to the exotic experience. So when you plan for that grand Asian trip, do not hesitate to book a cottage or a villa and enjoy all the benefits you deserve.